IT Solutions

The modern work environment is shaped by technology. The influx of new technology has taken over the professional world. We provide IT solutions to help boost efficiency and improve your organisation’s productivity.

At FX Business Centre, we understand the importance of having a network of seamless technological devices in the workplace. Our team of trained Service Technicians and ICT professionals utilise the latest technology to create innovative IT solutions that are guaranteed to boost efficiency in any organisation and ease digital workflow. 

The ICT Support Services provided by our team of IT professionals:

  • Design, development and setup of High Availability Server Infrastructure.
  • Complete Network setup & installation.
  • Setup CISCO and VOIP network.
  • Setup & installation of CCTV.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • IT Consultancy.
  • IT Help Desk Support.


  • Our team of trained Service Technicians and ICT professionals are always on call with a 24-hour IT helpdesk.
  • An improved IT system (server infrastructure) increases efficiency and reduces downtime.
  • Increased connectivity and mobile connectivity making work more flexible.
  • Improved Productivity.