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Our cutting-edge solutions make you more productive and efficient, and help you save costs.

At FX Business Centre PNG, we provide innovative business solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to improve your productivity and efficiency

Managed Print Services

Our MPS provides the ideal solution for businesses that regularly rely on printing and have a widespread print environment. We offer a tailored comprehensive solution to suit your needs and take control of your printing and print environment.

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Document Security Solutions

Organisations are always on the lookout for the best solutions to handle the influx of information and their document security. We know how important data is, whether it is personal intellectual property or confidential documents and data within your company we provide solutions for your document security.

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Print Management

Whether it's monitoring your organisations printing costs, increasing document security or reducing print waste levels, our print management solutions put you in control of your printing environment.

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Secure Device Management

Our Device Management solution gives you complete control over all your devices within your organisation.

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IT Solutions

The modern work environment is shaped by technology. The influx of new technology has taken over the professional world. We provide IT solutions to help boost efficiency and improve your organisation’s productivity.

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Business Process Management

Automation of activities can enable businesses to improve performance, by reducing errors and improving quality and speed of workflow. This contributes to increased productivity. Do you want to automate your business processes and increase your productivity?

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Cost Management

Consider adopting flexible and agile solutions to keep your print costs down. At FX Business Centre, we provide cost management solutions to help control your print environment by setting restrictions on your Multifunctional devices by user, department or device. This system helps you save time and money by identifying ways of cutting costs and wastage.

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Print & Document Management Solutions

We offer a customised tailored solution to suit your needs and take control of your print environment and document management.

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Digital Transformation (Cloud & Mobile Solutions)

With the evolution of technology, work has become something we do, no longer a place we go to daily. Embrace flexible working by going digital. We can turn all your paper based files/processes to digital files / processes and help you transition to a paperless or more mobile work space.

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