Exceptional print quality, productivity and ease of use.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation scanners provide the digital on-ramp for businesses to transform their hard-copy documents into an efficient document management solution. Our wide range of scanners are able to cover needs starting from small businesses to professional users with very high speed scanning requirements. While hardware may just be the beginning of your scanning requirement, FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s leading document management software accompanying these devices beautifully complements its hardware to simplify and automate your processes at no extra cost.

DocuMate 5540 AU

Engineered for productivity, security and simplicity

  • Scanning Speed: Scans documents up to 40 ppm and 80 ipm in duplex
  • Paper Size: ADF Minimum Document Size 70 x 51 mm ADF Maximum Document Size 216 x 2997 mm
  • DocuMate 4830i

    Manage large-sized documents and import them to a content management solution in a single step A3 Workgroup Scanner DADF Capacity 75 sheets Dokmee Zonal Capture Software

  • Scanning Speed: Up to 50 pages per minute
  • Paper Size: A4, A3
  • DocuMate 4440i

    Advanced paper handling technology, integrated image enhancing software and a small footprint, will change how you manage paper documents

  • Scanning Speed: Up to 40 pages per minute
  • Paper Size: A4
  • DocuMate 3220

    Powerful and robust productivity software bundle that provides all the tools for a document centric professional. A4 Personal Scanner Flatbed DADF Capacity 50 sheets Small footprint

  • Scanning Speed: Up to 23 pages per minute
  • Paper Size: A4
  • DocuMate 4799

    Versatility, high-speed and superior reliability for demanding environments Professional Production Scanner DADF Capacity 300 sheets Dokmee Zonal Capture Software Kofax VRS Software

  • Scanning Speed: Up to 112 pages per minute
  • Paper Size: A4, A3