Pombra Kunjip, 2022 Remington Group Apprentice

Meet Pombra Kunjip, a twenty-six-year-old young man from the Western Highlands Province who is undergoing the Remington Group Apprentice Program with FX Business Centre as a Junior Service Technician. Pombra was one of five individuals selected out of over 700 applications nationwide to join the Remington Group Apprenticeship program in 2022.

Pombra’s story is one of sheer hard work and determination. Life was hard for Pombra at an early age, his father left him and his mother when he was three years old. His mother was his only provider, and she worked hard to put him through school; he attended Primary school at Togoba Seventh Day Adventist school and continued to complete high school at Togoba Secondary in 2017.

Pombra received the hardest news of his life when he was in Grade 12, his mother had passed away. This was a dark and hard time for Pombra, as he tried to manage to live without his mum while continuing to complete his education. Pombra was selected to continue his studies at Port Moresby Technical College in 2018 and moved to Port Moresby that year. Pombra recalls “life was hard, and my biggest issue was finance having no one to support me. I decided to work night with G4S as a security guard in the evenings while pursuing my studies during the day. It was challenging to manage both work and school, but I was determined to graduate so I could have a better future.” Pombra explains.

Pombra put himself through school by working as a night guard with G4S security to pay his school fee at Port Moresby Technical College, he graduated in 2021 and attained a National Diploma in Electronics.

“I came across the advertisement about the Remington Group Apprenticeship Program on social media. One of the criteria for the Program required final-year students in the field of Electronics. With my background in Electronics and seeing how well-structured the Remington Group Apprenticeship Program was, I decided to apply. It’s been a few weeks since I joined the Remington Group as an Apprentice with FX Business Centre and I feel fortunate and happy to be given this opportunity to learn and grow and specialise in my trade (Electronics).

Pombra enjoys playing rugby and spending time doing youth ministry activities at church. A word of encouragement from Pombra to anyone struggling financially; “A job is a job. Work hard, don’t be embarrassed, honesty and hard work pay off. Start somewhere, anywhere, and become a security guard or a cleaner if you must. You don’t need to start with a high-paying job, focus on gaining work experience and learning a new skill. A favourite quote of his which he uses as a personal mantra comes from actor Denzel Washington, who says; “dreams without goals, are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointments”. I believe that if you want something, you should work hard for it, and if you work hard for something, you’re sure to succeed in good time. “ Pombra Kunjip, Junior Service Technician, FX Business Centre.

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